CLOC Initiative Idea Submission


Get ahead with CLOC Initiatives.
When you get experts from across the legal ecosystem working together to solve problems, anything is possible. That’s the premise behind our CLOC Initiatives. These collaborative projects take on the biggest challenges of our industry, drawing in contributions from law firms, technology providers, law schools, law companies, and more. Access the best solutions and practical content and get involved in shaping the future of the legal industry. 

What does it mean to lead an initiative?
Essentially, you act as the project manager — setting the timeframe for delivery, assembling a working group of experts, and driving consensus, creating checklists, and delivering a final recommended best practice/industry standard.

We’ve outlined the basic process in this document.

To start a new initiative, complete the form below. After the initiative has been approved by CLOC leadership, your team can get started.


CLOC Initiative Details

All CLOC initiatives must have at least one in-house leader.